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A High-End Native American Restaurant?

12 Feb




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Everyone who loves good food and drink has dreamed of opening up a restaurant at some point in his life, right? I’ve tossed around a few ideas myself, but one of my favorites that I keep coming back to is a high-end Native American restaurant.

“What should we do for dinner tonight?”


“Nah, had Thai for lunch yesterday. What about Arapaho or Commanche?”

-“Nice! We could try out that new place, prairie, that just opened.”

“Sounds good to me. If it’s too busy we can swing by that Navajo place around the corner”

What better alternative to ‘Modern American’ dining could there be than ‘Pre-Columbian’? Plus, Native American dining would naturally embody everything about the major 21st century food movements- local, sustainable, all-natural. I was intrigued to try out the Museum of the Native American Indian’s cafe, Mitsim, which was innovative for a museum cafeteria (I guess), but still fell short of my vision.

Businesses have been using the idea of the Native American as a marketing ploy to hawk wares for years, but I think a themed restaurant (theme as in food, not as in tacky made-in-china wall teepees and peace pipes) would truly celebrate our country’s real founding fathers- and ideally turn a tidy profit in the process.

There are a lot of ways that this concept could come to life, but I think the most effective would be to go high-end. Given the food that would be served- wild game, seasonal vegetables, etc- customers will already be paying a premium for high-quality ingredients. Additionally, the restaurant could focus on one specific part of the country, or perhaps rotate depending on what ingredients are in season. Obviously, this would require a lot of research into the cuisine of various Indian tribes, but I think the food would be exotic, yet familiar.