Inaugural “Fireside Chat”

12 Mar

Welcome to the first, of what we hope to be many, fireside chats with Carl and Colin. In the inaugural episode, Carl and I discuss the merits of my idea for an advertising agency that serves as a broker for companies that want to use their products as an innovative advertising medium.

If you have any interesting business ideas that you think would make for good webisodes, please send them over!


2 Responses to “Inaugural “Fireside Chat””

  1. Pat March 17, 2011 at 12:09 am #

    Hi Colin,

    I enjoyed your first “if you start me up” video. Thanks for sharing it with me!

    In my prior life in airline advertising, we tried to sell advertising on the napkins used onboard the aircraft and on the backs of the peanut bags given as a snack. We weren’t very successful. And the overall take was that it cheapened the airline brand — which was a definite no-no.

    In the examples you used, the advertiser might be concerned about the environment their ad was appearing in. For example, an ad on a car that was really dirty or driven in an illegal way could negatively influence the advertiser’s brand … or on a rotten banana spoiling on the shelf.

    The airline I worked for was even approached by someone who wanted to pay the airline to allow advertising on the inside of the onboard lavatory so that when the passenger was seated on the … you get the idea, I’m sure. The airline declined.

    Looking forward to your next fireside chat,

  2. Colin March 21, 2011 at 1:42 am #

    Hi Pat,

    I definitely agree that the biggest threat is what could happen when a company trusts its brand to someone else’s product; that loss of control is a huge risk to take on!

    It’s interesting that you bring up the example of the airline industry. I just flew round trip on Spirit Air, which the most no-frills and budget airline I have ever flown; they clearly looked at the trade off between revenues and brand image much differently than the airline you worked for- they had advertisements everywhere! The overhead bins, the seatbacks, the cocktail napkins and cups were all plastered with advertisements for a company that plans golf outings. I suppose that extra revenue is needed if they want to offer rates as low as they do.

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